New Home Construction in Chardon, OH

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New Home Construction Chardon, OH

Home Excavations

Properly excavating your home’s basement or foundation is a critical first step in the home building process. With our fleet of top-of-the-line excavators and experienced operators, we’ll safely and efficiently excavate your home’s foundation to match the specs of your building plan.
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With Petersen Earthworx, you can feel peace of mind knowing that we take the necessary steps in waterproofing your foundation and basement, preventing water damage or flooding.
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Depending on your home building plan, you may require footings. We’ll excavate your footings to the right depth and specs to provide your home with solid feet to stand on.
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Even well-but footings risk water penetration which is why we always include perforated pipes around the footing’s perimeter to ensure proper drainage to protect your home.
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Grading Services

After excavation and backfilling a new home foundation, we offer grading services to bring your property to the right grade elevation. This is critical for making the most out of your property while preventing water from flowing toward your home and sitting stagnant.
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Utility Connections

Before construction crews begin your home building project, it’s important to get your property connected to the crucial utility connections that you rely on for comfortable home living. Petersen Earthworx will get everything hooked up right.
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Land Clearing

Not every lot comes ready to build on, and it’s crucial to take the right steps in creating a clean slate to build your dream home. With Petersen Earthworx, we provide turnkey solutions that can handle every aspect of preparing your property for construction.

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New Home Construction Chardon, OH

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Before you begin building your home, Petersen Earthworx can get your property ready with our full suite of home construction excavation services. We’ll be there for you from initial excavations to final grade, giving you solid ground to build on.