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About Petersen Earthworx

Excavation Company Chardon, OH

Family Owned & Operated

Petersen Earthworx is a family-owned and operated excavation company based in Chardon, Ohio that specializes in a wide range of excavation-related services that covers every excavation & land clearing need you may have.

We have always believed that with the right people and the right attitude, a small team can do a tremendous amount in this industry. We focus on the advantages of being small. Our core values are communication, job performance and perfection. Everyone is a big family with even bigger passion in the work we do.

Excavation Company Chardon

Backed By Years of Experience

Petersen Earthworx is backed by decades of experience in excavation, land clearing, roadwork, and other construction disciplines. We’re highly educated, highly experienced, and highly trained in excavation-related services, and we bring those traits with us to work every day.

What We Value

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfying our customers is one of our most prized values that stays at the front of our minds on every job. By providing quality customer service, we strive to create lasting relationships and provide value in more ways than one for all clients.

Job Site Safety

Construction can be dangerous work, and without taking the right precautions and mindfulness for safety, damage to life and property can ensue. No matter the task at hand, Petersen Earthworx always puts safety at the top of our priorities.

Our Community

As an excavation company based in a small town, we know the importance of a strong community. That’s why we’re proud to serve and support our surrounding communities by providing essential services that support community growth.

Quality Work

The excavation industry is our livelihood, which means we’re obsessed with providing only the highest quality of work for all of our clients. We didn’t spend years honing our skills and expertise to take shortcuts and provide sub-par work.


How we conduct ourselves on and off the job site reflects directly back on our business and name. That’s why we’re committed to upholding the highest level of professionalism on every job, providing respect to our clients and the spaces that we operate in.

Meet The Team

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Operations & Development
AJ Petersen

Petersen Earthworx

Holly Petersen

Petersen Earthworx

Field Supervisor

excavation company Chardon


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Our Partners

Wisetack Financing

We use Wisetack which is a platform that lets you pay for the things you need over a fixed period of time rather than all at once.

Jobber CRM

Our use of Jobber makes it easy to stay informed on job visits, dates, billing and photos on your project.

Insite Elevation Pro

We use top-of-the-line takeoff technology to bid on commercial projects and value engineer plans, so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Excavation Company Chardon

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