Excavation Chardon, OH

In-Depth Excavation Services

Excavation Chardon, OH

Full Suite Excavation

At Petersen Earthworx, we offer a full suite of excavation services that will cover all of your excavation needs. Whatever you throw our way, our experienced equipment operators will take care of your excavation project efficiently and safely.

Excavation Chardon, OH

Drainage Systems

Drainage solutions are critical for many aspects across home building and agricultural industries to keep your property free from flooding or water damage or keep your crops well-watered and healthy. Explore how our drainage and trenching solutions can service you.

Our Drainage Options

Excavation Chardon, OH

Our Water Solutions

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Petersen Earthworx can bring the peacefulness and beauty of ponds to your property with our pond excavation services.
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Under & Above Ground REtention Pond

Petersen Earthworx specializes in installing underground tanks to capture storm runoff water and above ground ponds designed to catch stormwater from developed sites.
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At Petersen Earthworx, we prioritize the health and vitality of your ponds. Our specialized dredging services remove debris, deepening the pond to support fish survival during winter and preventing silt buildup that can hinder fish habitat. Trust us to restore your pond’s beauty and create an optimal environment for aquatic life.
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Agricultural Ponds

Our experienced equipment operators will provide your agricultural spaces with a cost-efficient water source for irrigation and livestock, providing you with sustainable solutions on your farm.

Excavation Chardon, OH

Erosion Control

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Silt Sock

These mesh tubes are filled with composted material and laid upon sloped terrains to protect against soil erosion and sediment runoff.
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Rip Rap

Rip rap is a great anti-erosion solution for use around culverts or along shorelines to protect soils from being eaten away by water.
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Excavation Chardon, OH

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are great for functionality against erosion or as a visually-appealing addition to your property. We can build durable retaining walls using all sorts of materials that fit your need, aesthetics, and budget.

Excavation Chardon, OH

Residential Demolition

There comes a time when residential buildings must come down. Whether they’re in disrepair or derelict, or you need the extra space on your property, Petersen Earthworx can bring it down safely.
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Excavation Chardon, OH

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