Septic Systems Installation in Chardon, OH

Septic Solutions By Petersen Earthworx

Septic Systems Installation Chardon, OH

Our Septic Solutions

A properly functioning septic system is a priceless component of your rural living. Without one, your home and property can suffer from unpleasant odors, backups, or in the worst cases, harmful pollutants entering the natural environments around your property.

At Petersen Earthworx, we can handle every aspect of your septic system installation, from designing and excavating your leach field to installing your tank and outfitting the entire system with the right connections.

Septic Systems Replacement Chardon, OH

Septic System Replacement

When a septic system stops working properly, the most common culprit is your leach field. When your leach field fails, your liquid waste doesn’t properly filter through the soil, causing backups, flooding, or wet and smelly lawns.

At Petersen Earthworx, we’ll provide the help you need to restore your damaged septic system and get it working properly again.

Septic Systems Installation Chardon, OH

Alternative Solutions

Not every property may be suitable for a traditional septic system. Whether your property’s space limitations present challenges or your soil conditions aren’t quite right for a traditional system, Petersen Earthworx has the solutions that will work for you.
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Mound System

A mound system is a mound of layered gravel, sand, and soil that lays above the natural soil surface that provides your wastewater with additional treatment before reentering groundwater.
Septic Systems Installation in Chardon, OH

Agitator System

Agitator systems use mechanical components to mix or agitate wastes to break down solids and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria that are crucial to your septic tank.

Septic Systems Installation Chardon, OH

Get The Right Solutions With Petersen Earthworx

At Petersen Earthworx, we’ll install your septic system the right way to promise a well-functioning system that will let you live in comfort for years to come.

If your septic system or leach field is experiencing issues, our septic system experts provide the support you need through replacement solutions.