Land Clearing Chardon, OH

Make The Most Out Of Your Land With Petersen Earthworx

Land Clearing Chardon, OH

Vegetation Management

brush clearing Chardon Ohio

Brush Hogging

Long, thick grass, shrubbery, and other low-level vegetation can be hard to keep in check, even with the best mowers the market has to offer. Leave it to us. At Petersen Earthworx, we have the right equipment and attachments to take on the toughest vegetation.
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Forestry Mulching

With nothing more than a skid steer rigged with a mulching attachment, Petersen Earthworx can clear whole swaths of vegetation-thick land as you’ve never seen before! Our equipment can tackle brush, shrubs, and entire dead and dying trees, being a layer of mulch that enriches your soil!
right of way clearing Chardon Ohio

Right-Of-Way Clearing

Keeping right of ways clear of overgrown vegetation is crucial for increasing visibility and safety around your right-of-way. We have the equipment necessary to keep rail lines, service roads, or any other right-of-ways cleared.
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Other Land Clearing Options

Land Clearing Chardon, OH

Tree Removal

Despite their beauty, trees can take up precious space on your property, getting in the way of your home building or other projects that you wish to pursue. Petersen Earthworx has the experience and equipment needed to bring down trees in a safe and efficient manner, providing you with the space necessary to get your project started.

Stump Grinding

Taking down a tree is only half the battle. We’ll complete the job with our stump grinding and removal service that transforms your property into a clean slate.

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Land Clearing Chardon, OH

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Before you begin building your home, Petersen Earthworx can get your property ready with our full suite of home construction excavation services. We’ll be there for you from initial excavations to final grade, giving you solid ground to build on.